Dos Gardenias acts above and below sea level using their platform to support events, movements and charities such as Waves 4 Water and GLAM4GOOD. In December of 2016, Dos Gardenias donated 30K and raised an additional 80K for The Haiti Hurricane Matthew Relief Initiative on behalf of the clean water charity, Waves For Water, through their charity benefit, hosted by Joy Bryant and Sal Masekela, at Soho House’s Little Beach House in Malibu, California.


With the launch of our Shop For A Cause initiative, Dos Gardenias will team up with Matches Fashion and Waves 4 Water, a non-profit whose mission is to provide clean water to remote, destitute, and devastated communities around the globe. For every Dos Gardenias swimsuit purchased through our Shop For A Cause page (COMING SOON!) or Matches Fashion, we will donate a water filter to Waves For Water. One filter can provide 100 people with clean water for up to 5 years.

Given the recent natural disasters and geopolitical climate, Dorothy and Brighdie want their customers to know they are supporting philanthropic efforts in a way that makes our world and our water better.


GLAM4GOOD founder, Mary Alice Stephenson, who uses style as a tool for self- esteem and empowerment, partnered with Dos Gardenias as the official swimwear brand for the charity in 2017. Together GLAM4GOOD and Dos Gardenias blazed a path of initiatives, helping women in need realize their self-worth. Visit GLAM4GOOD on the web to learn more about the way we women came together to support and lift each other.