Dos Gardenias is not just a swimwear brand- they seek to empower women and create awareness in the world through knowledge, action, and philanthropy. By combining their resources with aligned charitable incentives, they're blazing a path for progress with organizations such as Waves For Water, Charity: Water, Glam4Good, Earth Day Network, and Love The Sea. 

The Dos Gardenias flagship store opened its doors in Malibu, CA in July 2019. Stores in Maui and Sayulita, Mexico opened Spring 2021, officially making DG international. From the Ready To Wear Collection that launched last year to plans to venture into lingerie and a Dos Gardenias fragrance, the horizon is bright as the DG evolution continues.


The fashion industry is the third leader of carbon emissions in the world. Dos Gardenias has made it our mission to reduce our carbon footprint by 40% utilizing earth-conscious fashion materials.

Fabrics- Since 2020, our swimwear has been produced using ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon fiber made from pre and post-consumer waste, like fishing nets, industrial plastic waste and fabric scraps. Using ECONYL® nylon instead of sourcing new nylon reduces the GWP up to 90%. This Italian fabric made out of ECONYL® fibres is versatile, having stretch, UV protection, breathability, softness, and compression. It is also twice as resistant to chlorine and suntan creams than competitors’ fabric. Our shift into sustainable nylon has not compromised our luxurious fabric quality from our previous seasons.

Neoprene — As opposed to petroleum-based neoprene sourced from crude oil, our neoprene is manufactured out of limestone sourced from the mountains in Japan. It has a 99.7% water impermeability which translates to a lighter, warmer wetsuit material. Limestone-based neoprene also requires less energy for its extraction and lasts two to three times longer than petroleum-based neoprene.

Cotton — Our tank tops are made from 100% cotton and our vintage tees are bought pre-loved in order to reduce our environmental impact. Cotton is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable. It is one of the easiest fabrics to decompose, especially if it’s 100% cotton. In the right compost, the material should be gone within 6 months.

Trims — The metal and rubberized trims used in our designs are composed of chlorine and salt-water resistant material. The metal on our rings, sliders, closures, studs, and eyelets can acquire a patina over the years but will not rust. The rubberized coating on our eyelets, studs, and closures helps to prevent the metal from heating up and burning your skin while out in the hot sun.

Other materials — We use recycled poly bags instead of conventional non-recycled plastic to minimize the negative impacts associated with using standard plastic. These 100% recycled material bags can be further recycled at grocery drop offs or where #4 flexible plastic is accepted.

Our hang tags are FSC-Certified and made from 100% post consumer recycled fiber. FSC' stands for Forest Stewardship Council, an organization that works to promote the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide. The Forest Stewardship Council sets standards for forest products, independently certifies that these standards have been met, and bestows labels upon the products that qualify. Forest Stewardship Council certification gives customers the option to choose forest products like paper and wood that have been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner. Our hang tag strings are made of 100% cotton which are biodegradable and our garment labels are woven from recycled plastic bottle yarn.


Fit Guide

1 2 8 36 40 8 7
2 4 10 38 42 10 9
3 6/8 12 40 44 12 11
4 10/12 14/16 42/44 46/48 14/16 13/15
5 14/16 18/20 46/48 50/52 18/20 17/19
SIZE BUST (in) WAIST (in) HIP (in)
1 32-33.5 24-25.5 34-35.5
2 34-35.5 26-27.5 36-38.5
3 36-37.5 28-30.5 39-41.5
4 38-41.5 31-34.5 42-44.5
5 42-46.5 35-39.5 45-49.5
SIZE BUST (cm) WAIST (cm) HIP (cm)
1 81 65 90
2 88 69 94
3 93 74 99
4 107 81 112
5 112 94 117


DG + GLAM4GOOD'S COVID-19 CRITICAL AID FUND — With the announcement of the global pandemic in March, Dos Gardenias knew we wanted to help. We decided to team up once again with founder Mary Alice Stephenson of GLAM4GOOD to support their COVID-19 CRITICAL AID FUND. 25% of proceeds from online purchases went directly to this initiative, helping to secure and facilitate direct delivery of PPE, personal care essentials, new clothing, and learning tools to healthcare workers on the frontlines, families in need and underserved youth. From March to July, we were able to donate over 15K to this initiative. You may learn more about GLAM4GOOD's efforts here. When you shop Dos Gardenias, you #Shop4Good. We thank you for your support.

Earth Day Network — In alignment with our longstanding commitment to the environment, Dos Gardenias has become an official partner with Earth Day Network. Dos Gardenias hosted a nationwide beach clean up in conjunction with EDN in April 2019. We garnered over 200 volunteers along the east and west coasts, including 75 at our HQ at Surfrider Beach in Malibu, CA. Dos Gardenias was also honored to attend the Earth Day Network Climate Leadership Gala at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC in May 2019 to present the Women and Green Economy award to Ashley Bell. The Gala brought together over 300 leaders of industry, government and the NGO community to celebrate achievements and lead the path to a post-carbon future. As the fashion industry is the third leader of carbon emissions in the world, we have made it our mission to create global awareness for sustainable fashion, including a fully sustainable 2020 collection.


Waves 4 Water — Dos Gardenias acts above and below sea level using our platform to support events, movements and charities such as Waves 4 Water and GLAM4GOOD. In December of 2016, Dos Gardenias donated 30K and raised an additional 80K for The Haiti Hurricane Matthew Relief Initiative on behalf of the clean water charity, Waves 4 Water, through our charity benefit, hosted by Joy Bryant and Sal Masekela, at Soho House’s Little Beach House in Malibu, California.

Matches Fashion & Waves 4 Water — With the launch of our Shop For A Cause initiative, Dos Gardenias teamed up with Matches Fashion and Waves 4 Water, a non-profit whose mission is to provide clean water to remote, destitute, and devastated communities around the globe. For every Dos Gardenias swimsuit purchased through Matches Fashion, we donated a water filter to Waves For Water. One filter can provide 100 people with clean water for up to 5 years. Dos Gardenias donated 140 water filters, effectively affording 14,000 people with clean drinking water.

Given the recent natural disasters and geopolitical climate, Dorothy and Brighdie want their customers to know they are supporting philanthropic efforts in a way that makes our world and our water better.


GLAM4GOOD — GLAM4GOOD founder, Mary Alice Stephenson, who uses style as a tool for self- esteem and empowerment, partnered with Dos Gardenias as the official swimwear brand for the charity in 2017. Together GLAM4GOOD and Dos Gardenias blazed a path of initiatives, helping women in need realize their self-worth. Visit GLAM4GOOD on the web to learn more about the way we women came together to support and lift each other.





In July 2019, we opened our first brick and mortar Dos Gardenias store next door to our HQ in Malibu, CA. We have pieces from all current and past collections available. Just this last year we've opened two more stores in Maui, HI and Sayulita, Mexico featuring our latest collections. Come visit us and experience the luxury.  


Dos Gardenias Maui

Hours: Daily 11am-6pm HST
Address: 106 Hana Highway, Paia Hawaii 96779
Phone: (808)-856-0211

Dos Gardenias Mexico 

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm MST; closed Sunday and Monday.
Address: Calle Delfin 20, Local 3, 6374 Sayulita Nayarit, Mexico
Phone: +52-32-9688 4771