Our Story


Two creative and freespirited women have circled each other’s lives for the last 20 years. Dorothy Day grew up in Santa Monica and has spent most of her life in Malibu and Maui where she leads an active water lifestyle of surfing, diving and sailing. She feels most comfortable in or near the water and that is where her inspiration stems from. Brighdie Grounds spent her earlier years in Ventura, California and began her journey as a model where she traveled the world. Her most influential experience that left an impression was learning to surf in the late 1990’s. Every free moment was spent on beaches from RV weekends at San Onofre to years living in the jungles of Sayulita, Mexico.

In 2005, the two combined their appreciation of the ocean into Salt Magazine, a beach lifestyle magazine where they worked collaboratively. Both women went their separate ways and raised families, while focusing their energies on more personal projects. Their friendship evolved over the years and Dorothy went to Brighdie with the concept of Dos Gardenias. The timing was perfect to begin another partnership, one that would bring their love of the ocean through another form of creative expression. Both continued to cling to the nomadic beach lifestyle and felt that swimwear was an organic evolution and symbolic of what was meaningful in their lives.

The Dos Gardenias collection focuses on monochromatic colors defined by bold design lines with a utilitarian fit. It was important to give the option of separates where women would have the ability to purchase silhouettes with what made sense with their body type. In addition, Brighdie and Dorothy felt adding a neoprene surf element was extremely significant in defining their high-end luxury brand, as it represented both of their lifestyles. Made with luxury fabrics from Italy and France and Neoprene from Japan, the collection of designer stylish swimsuits is produced in the USA.

Dos Gardenias is not just a swimwear brand. We are about creating awareness through knowledge. Dos Gardenias will partner with like-minded charities whose purpose runs deep rather than above sea level. For this year, Dos Gardenias is working with Waves For Water.