Our Story



Brighdie Grounds and Dorothy Day, co-designers and founders of Dos Gardenias, have a long history together both professionally and personally: Brighdie as an international fashion model, Dorothy as a designer and together as co-creators of fashion and beach lifestyle magazine, SALT.  In 2017, inspired by their travels around the world and their lifetime of experience in fashion, these two coast combers set out to create a swimwear line that was as chic as it was utilitarian. 

As water women, it was vital to Dorothy and Brighdie to produce swimwear that would reflect their lifestyles as well as their values regarding a zero waste world. As a result, Dos Gardenias has constantly evolved in their pursuit of an ever decreasing carbon footprint for the brand. With the implementation of the regenerative nylon, ECONYL®, in their sustainable 2020 collections, the women are accomplishing their mission. Dos Gardenias swimwear is made from industrialized plastics, carpets, and fishing nets from the ocean. This recycled nylon yarn can be reused over and over again. The founders' goal for the future is that each Dos Gardenias suit can be sent back and recycled. The DG team pledges to continue to explore innovative solutions in efforts to further reduce their environmental impact.

Dos Gardenias is not just a swimwear brand. Since it's inception, they have used their platform to empower women and create awareness in the world through knowledge, action, and philanthropy. By combining their resources with aligned charitable incentives, Dos Gardenias is blazing a path for progress with organizations such as Waves For Water, Charity Water, Love The Sea Plastic Free, Glam4Good and Earth Day Network.