It's Not Just A Swimsuit: Vicious

It's Not Just A Swimsuit: Vicious

Vicious is The Dos Gardenias Signature Suit because it’s sexy, chic and versatile, which is the driving force behind all of our designs. And although we love to wear our swimwear to the beach and in the water, that’s not all it’s for. 

Vicious has seen many variations throughout our collections from eyelet details to strap modifications to tie dye. This is also one of the only suits produced in both Yamamoto limestone neoprene (recently featured in Sports Illustrated 2021 on the inspirational Naomi Osaka) and the sustainable nylon yarn ECONYL®. So not only do you have plenty of Vicious to choose from, you have plenty more ways and places to wear it.

Whether you dress it up or play it down, Vicious is the one piece that can be whatever you want it to be. 

This is how we Dos Gardenias

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